What Wrecked Our Economy? How To Fix It with John Perkins

Law Faculty, Lecture Theatre LG17

We need to understand where we went wrong in order to work out how to do things better. In this course, an insider in the global financial system describes how predatory capitalism has expanded across the globe, and where the potential is to transform our destructive economic system.

John Perkins is uniquely well placed to address this material, having worked in the 1970s as the chief economist of a major consulting firm – he describes his role at that time as an “economic hit man for the American corporatocracy”. Drawing on these experiences, he describes the post-World War Two era as one that created history’s first truly global empire, mostly through economic rather than military means. Identifying corporations as the most influential institutions on the planet, he will present pathways to transform both ourselves and the companies that so deeply impact our lives.

He will also discuss the epiphany he experienced that initiated his own personal change, and the reasons he believes that great opportunities lie within our current times of crisis. Insights from indigenous prophecies shed light on how we can shift our society towards a sustainable, just and peaceful future. John suggests ways to follow our passions and use our talents to alter energy patterns on individual and global levels, thus creating a world that will “make our children proud of USA”.

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