Essay Competition

The Marshall Society

 “The ideas of economists… both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood… Indeed the world is ruled by little else” 

    J. M. Keynes (General Theory, 1936)

Essay Competition 2022


After reviewing more than 1000 outstanding essay submissions, we are excited to congratulate the winners and runners-up of the 2022 Marshall Society Essay Competition.

First Place – Xuanlin Zhang (Singapore)
Second Place – Yunhan Gao (Spain)
Third Place – Shuo Xu (China)

We would also like to commend several excellent shortlisted essays:
Frederick Dehmal
Matthew Tan
Ryan Modarres
Seowan Moon
Ziang Huang
Christian Bulmer
Zhikai Huang
Wenlong Song
Wenxuan Li
Tianying Yang
Kai Xiang Mei
Alex Zhao
Xitong Liu

The quality of submissions we received this year far surpassed our expectations, so selecting the best was an incredibly difficult undertaking. We will not be able to provide feedback on individual essays due to the sheer number of submissions. Thank you everyone for participating, and we look forward to publishing the winning essays in the Marshall Society’s annual magazine “The Dismal Scientist”.